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November 24, 2012
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Happy Birthday, Dzappa7778! by Jdan-S Happy Birthday, Dzappa7778! by Jdan-S
For :icondzappa7778:'s birthday a couple of days ago. Didn't get to finalize the pic's layout in time, but better late than never! ^^;

Since we're both fans of Bemani games, this was originally going to be Vinyl Scratch in Emi Toshiba's DDR X2 (AC) outfit. But when it came to the colors, they sorta didn't suit Vinyl overall. The hoodie looked great though, so I kept it and improvised the rest.

Happy Birthday pal! Hope you had a blast this year! =D
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Turn this into a poster that can be sold around the world, I NEED THIS!
your a bucking genius
statoose Dec 8, 2012   Digital Artist
Very cute! Dig the swell hoodie. The entire outfit is quite cool. :D
Such beauty, such awesomeness, and boy oh BOY does Miss Scratch look GOOD in that AWESOME outfit that you so amazingly designed! :love:

I have to say, I don't think I EVER would have imagined such a amalgamation between Vinyl and Emi before seeing this particular piece with my own eyes. But now, after viewing your wonderfully fantastic design here, the combination of these too characters could truly not be more PERFECT! Of course, I would expect nothing less from such an amazing design and styling GENIUS such as yourself, pal; Vinyl with a hoodie NEEDS to be cannon! :la:

And of course, her sweet pose, shimmering eyes, and sparkling smile only add to the truly immense feelings of joy already overflowing in my heart from your beautiful work of art here. :love: And of course, everything in this sensational piece is brought together with your simply MAGNIFICENT work in the setting and background. The close-up shot of Vinyl's face in the upper panel, coupled with that sweet gradient of soft blue and violet hues complements everything contained within so very flawlessly, and again, is another shining example of the immeasurably talented artist that you so awesomely are! :D

Again, the seamless way that you combined two of my personal favorite loves, DDR and FiM, within this breathtaking artwork truly warms my heart to no end, and just goes to show, again, what an artistic GENIUS you really are! :D Now, whenever I see Emi on the DDR screen, I'm going to be imagining Vinyl dancing alongside her! Haha ;p

My friend, again, thank you so very much for so thoughtfully taking all of the time and going through all of this trouble just to make this beautiful artwork in honor of my birthday. I will truly never be able to thank you enough for all of your wonderful work, and the sheer thoughtfulness at your presenting this selfless gift to me out of the sheer kindness of your heart sincerely makes my soul swell with happiness. Thank you again, Jdan, both for the gift, and for making my birthday one that I will never forget! :D
It's great to hear just how much you loved this pic! I wanted to make this pic look as best as it can be, and your words of appreciation really makes the work worth the effort! =D

This is just my way of saying thanks for all your encouraging comments! =)
Vinyl has the best Hoodie!
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